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Anime Image Game Engine related posts.

PWLib 1.2 back in development!

PWLib 1.2 is back in active development since October last year. Mny new features and fixes were added, such as new renderng core, new timming system for animation and script and model animation.

Back to Sky Guardians

Development on the SEU System and Strike Witches: Sky Guardians have been resumed.


Some news:

  1. Added all witches to the database that the new "The Witches" page is using. Only their profile data is missing. Also some changes may apply. I may open the page for public testing soon.
  2. There are plans to add an AHLSL tutorial/examples page to help AIGE/PWLib users. An idea for a full AHLSL reference is also under consideration.
  3. A formal AIGEdit (by drthingums) may be added.

Updated AIGE Changelog

Added old entries of AIGE's changelog dating up to 7th October 2008.

Opened AIGE Changelog Page

The AIGE changelog page is now avaialble at

Older changelogs are not available because they were kept on a forum during earlier PWLib development, and the forum went down.

Changelog to be added soon

I'm planning on adding a changelog page to AIGE (and probably to other projects) in order to keep a definitive organized info of what changes over time. I used to post changelogs over to some forum, but since the forum died, I ended losing track of a big list of changes.

Teams Updated

The Teams were updated with the recent events: pleadingeyes selected as the last beta tester, and the positions of Artist and Layout designer (for PWLib Unleashed) be occupied by Radex.

New Game Project: "Strike Witches: Sky Guardians (working title)"

This game, basedo n the Strike Witches anime/manga series, will be a future project that will demonstrate some new features present on AIGE.
The objetive is to develop a shot em up game (

Finally, some updates!

It has been a long time since the last update on the page.

As news, we have:

- New helper added to the PWLib Contributor List: Home32.

- AIGE Secret Project 1 name revealed. More information to be added soon.

- New project added to Other Projects: The Kirakishou Language Project.

- Rework on Games page. More games added as well.

Nvidia's PerfHUD added to AIGE's development tools

Nvidia's PerfHUD is going to be used on AIGE development to ensure a faster and more reliable render engine on. It will be used only in in-house testing.

PerfHUD Homepage:


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