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PWLib related posts.

PWLib 1.2 back in development!

PWLib 1.2 is back in active development since October last year. Mny new features and fixes were added, such as new renderng core, new timming system for animation and script and model animation.

PWLib 1.1 GFX Pack 2.0 Mirror Added

 A mirror for the PWLib 1.1 GFX Package 2.0 was added.

Mirrors Needed

We need mirrors for the PWLib's GFX 2.0 Package.
Leave a comment on this story/send a message on the forums if you can provide a mirror for it.

Delay on PWLib 1.2

The delay on PWLib 1.2 is related to the inability to currently work on the new Tutorial/Reference book (PWLib Unleashed). Once the team is available, work will begin on the book, for it to be completed as soon as possible.

The book is an important asset that must be done before 1.2 is released, since it will cover all new features. While current 1.1 code will work properly on the new version of PWLib, the new features would require tutorials on their own. So for a better, complete release, the new version will be out only with PWLib Unleashed.

Teams Updated

The Teams were updated with the recent events: pleadingeyes selected as the last beta tester, and the positions of Artist and Layout designer (for PWLib Unleashed) be occupied by Radex.

Request for Artists: PWLib Unleashed

With the near future release of the first RC version of PWLib 1.2, the need for a new PWLib Tutorial/Reference book is high.
Considering that, I'm requesting artists to help making the art parts of the book, so I can make release of the book when the RC1 goes public. The other members of the PWLib Unleashed team will be selected and contacted soon as well.

PWLib 1.2 RC1 Information

I'm planning to release a Release Candidate (RC) version of PWLib 1.2 for the public soon.

PWLib 1.2 Release Date: Possibly Soon?

With the beta final phase already on its way, I started to consider some target Release Date for PWLib 1.2, so soon I might announce the official release date for PWLib 1.2.

Some final fixes on AIGE are being made before sending a copy of the beta to the 4 selected testers as well.

So expect a date announcement soon.

An artist is needed to draw the announcement poster. If you're interested, leave a comment or contact me on MSN or email (email at About Us page);

Teams Updated - PWLib 1.2 Beta Testers

The PWLib 1.2 Beta  new 4 Beta Testers have been officially selected, so they were added to the correspounding team on the Team page.

We expected to fix minor issues on PWLib 1.2 and release the Final version as soon as possible.

PWLib 1.2 Beta Second Phase - Fourth Selected Beta Tester

The fourth, and last beta tester for PWLib 1.2 is: BigEngland.

The beta is officially starting now. The Sign In form is now closed.

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