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About the Strike Witches STG

With recent progresses on the game and the engine, the Previews Gallery was added to accomodate screenshots from the game`s current revision. 

Note about New User Accounts

User accounts on the site won`t be enabled by default once they are created, requiring me to activate them manually. This measure was necessary due to the increasing ammount of auto-registering bots that can bypass the CAPTCHA authentication. The objective is to minimize spam on the site.

Site changes

The site now has a quick access banner on the front page (only) for quick access to newer content/releases.

New Block on Site

A new block was added to the left bar, named "Currently Working On" that will show the projects that are being worked on.

Strike Witches: Sky Guardians Page Updates

Some updates have been applied to the SW:SG page. Also a massive rework in underway to better organize the page data (witch info, weaponry/striker unit data, etc), so the pages will be interconected (it will be easier to find specific information such as the info for a specific gun that a given witch is using without needing to change pages and search for it on the weapons page) and the information will be more consistent.

  • The beta achievement page was promoted to the active page.
  • Added linking to witches on affinity (beta witch page)

Added categories to the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians Achievements

An initial version of the categories were added to the beta achievements page for the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians page. The final idea is to have such categories ingame as well.

Updated Strike Witches: Sky Guardians Page

Link to the game-only news added, as well to the new under development new pages (The Witches and Achievements).

New Achievements Page Under Development

A new, more organized and redesigned Achievements page for the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians game is under development.


  1. Removed (temporarely) captcha for user logins.
  2. Added AIGEdit reference to the Other Projects page (need to add a proper page for it).
  3. Misc updates on the site (mostly missing information).


Some news:

  1. Added all witches to the database that the new "The Witches" page is using. Only their profile data is missing. Also some changes may apply. I may open the page for public testing soon.
  2. There are plans to add an AHLSL tutorial/examples page to help AIGE/PWLib users. An idea for a full AHLSL reference is also under consideration.
  3. A formal AIGEdit (by drthingums) may be added.
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