Some site updates

- Added two contributors to the PWLib contributor list (Applebutter and Christie).

- Updated the PWLib Contributor List to show what each person contributed.

- Removed April May's link on the pwlib character page since the target page was wrong.

- Added new character to PWLib Caracter's extra (Mio Sakamoto).

Nvidia's PerfHUD added to AIGE's development tools

Nvidia's PerfHUD is going to be used on AIGE development to ensure a faster and more reliable render engine on. It will be used only in in-house testing.

PerfHUD Homepage:


Finally: 100% GS Characters on PWLib!

Due to the invaluable help of Comaster (and many other people along the way), PWLib finally has all GS (PW 1-3 and AJ) characters created for it. It is a memorable date for PWLib's story.

New Contributor Added

Attorneyatlawl was added as a contributor due to his work on character animation.

Site back online after downtime

The site experienced some database issues, but is back online.

New PWLib Contributor Added

Chess has been added to the contributor list due to his work on animating characters.

New PWLib Core Team Member!

Comaster has been added to the PWLib Core Team as an animator due to his work on the recent characters for PWLib.

New Website

The site has been finally recreated, in preparation for PWLib 1.2 Mio Series. It still keeps the same format of the old one, plus some new pages.

Information on PWLib has been expanded, proving a single place to look for PWLib updated information.

The PWLib 1.2 Beta Sign In is now possible on the site, thus making the process easier.

Feel free to check around, many new things are available.

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