Content Translation Testing

I'm begining to test multilanguage content to try making the site more accessible for people.

The Primary Links will only show for those pages that are translated (if you select other language then English). I hope to get the subpages translated as quickly as help is found.

The news may still be in english (unless I find someone who can be available most of the time).

Team Sign In Now Open!

The Open Position Application Form is now open.
Also the email issue on user registration is now fixed.

Team Page Updated

With the second phase of the PWLib 1.2 Beta closing in, the Team page has been fully expanded.

Now available team positions (defined by need) will be listed there and interest parties will be able to sign in for them. The sign in page will be available very soon, and will be available only to registered users.

Games Update

Daring Detective: Dick Gumshoe and Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past now have a page. They only contain the trailers, but more information might be available as the authors decide.

Search Update

It is now possible to add the KSA Technology HQ site search to the browser's quick search.

Site Updates

The site is back up with some new features:

  • Wiki
  • Projects with Issue Tracking
  • Search

PWLib Character List Updated

The PWLib Character list has been updated. This will allow users thinking on picking chars to animate a lot easier to see the ones that aren't done yet.

Finally, some updates!

It has been a long time since the last update on the page.

As news, we have:

- New helper added to the PWLib Contributor List: Home32.

- AIGE Secret Project 1 name revealed. More information to be added soon.

- New project added to Other Projects: The Kirakishou Language Project.

- Rework on Games page. More games added as well.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all site visitors!

Why Mio Series?

A small subpage was added about "Why Mio Series?" explaining about the naming, and Mio Sakamoto.

Mio Sakamoto

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