New Game Project: "Strike Witches: Sky Guardians (working title)"

This game, basedo n the Strike Witches anime/manga series, will be a future project that will demonstrate some new features present on AIGE.
The objetive is to develop a shot em up game (

Site Online

The site is finally back online.

PWLib 1.2 Release Date: Possibly Soon?

With the beta final phase already on its way, I started to consider some target Release Date for PWLib 1.2, so soon I might announce the official release date for PWLib 1.2.

Some final fixes on AIGE are being made before sending a copy of the beta to the 4 selected testers as well.

So expect a date announcement soon.

An artist is needed to draw the announcement poster. If you're interested, leave a comment or contact me on MSN or email (email at About Us page);

Teams Updated - PWLib 1.2 Beta Testers

The PWLib 1.2 Beta  new 4 Beta Testers have been officially selected, so they were added to the correspounding team on the Team page.

We expected to fix minor issues on PWLib 1.2 and release the Final version as soon as possible.

PWLib 1.2 Beta Second Phase - Fourth Selected Beta Tester

The fourth, and last beta tester for PWLib 1.2 is: BigEngland.

The beta is officially starting now. The Sign In form is now closed.

PWLib 1.2 Beta Second Phase - Third Selected Beta Tester

The third selected beta tester for PWLib 1.2 is: OniXera.

PWLib 1.2 Beta Second Phase - Second Selected Beta Tester

The second selected Beta Tester for PWLib 1.2 is: Comaster.

PWLib 1.2 Beta Second Phase - First Selected Beta Tester

The first selected beta tester for PWLib 1.2 is Percei.

PWLib Banners/Microbanners/Buttons Section added

A new section on the PWLib page was added for Banners, Microbanners and Buttons.

Microbanners are designed to take minimal space on forum signatures.

PWLib 1.2 Beta Test - 2nd Phase - Soon

The second phase of the Beta Test of PWLib 1.2 may begin soon.

The sign in form will be closed in a couple of days, so if you're interested in signin in, do it now.

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