Strike Witches: Sky Guardians - Added Neuroi Page

The Neuroi Information page has been added to the game's site. It will contain information about the Neuroi that are planned to be added.

Site Update


  • PWLib Primary link changed to Libraries, that includes all aige library links (including pwlib).
  • Games are sorted only by Made by KSA Technology and Third Party. Libraries the games use are added in front of the name as (Libraries used).
  • Extended Strike Witches: Sky Guardians Official Witches page. (Any ideas for skills, or incorrect information, just let me know).
  • Added IRC contact info to About page.

Strike Witches: Sky Guardians Page!

The first version of the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians page has been added ot the site.

It contains planned features, image galleries with progress screen shots and prototypes (with descriptions).

Changelog to be added soon

I'm planning on adding a changelog page to AIGE (and probably to other projects) in order to keep a definitive organized info of what changes over time. I used to post changelogs over to some forum, but since the forum died, I ended losing track of a big list of changes.

Delay on PWLib 1.2

The delay on PWLib 1.2 is related to the inability to currently work on the new Tutorial/Reference book (PWLib Unleashed). Once the team is available, work will begin on the book, for it to be completed as soon as possible.

The book is an important asset that must be done before 1.2 is released, since it will cover all new features. While current 1.1 code will work properly on the new version of PWLib, the new features would require tutorials on their own. So for a better, complete release, the new version will be out only with PWLib Unleashed.

Going Foward with Strike Witches: Sky Guardians!

The project officially is now the main game in development by KSA Technology.

AIGE is being updated to support the game systems required for the game, as well concept designs are being produced. A temporary logo was created for the game as well.

Work Started on Strike Witches: Sky Guardians

In parallel with PWLib 1.2 RC1 work, I decided to start some concept creation (design basic selection screen, defining characters stats, etc). It is still very early, but as soon as some real work is done, the official page will be updated.
If you are interested on helping on this project, you can contact me on MSN (email on About page). I may add a small form for that purpose as well.

Teams Updated

The Teams were updated with the recent events: pleadingeyes selected as the last beta tester, and the positions of Artist and Layout designer (for PWLib Unleashed) be occupied by Radex.

Request for Artists: PWLib Unleashed

With the near future release of the first RC version of PWLib 1.2, the need for a new PWLib Tutorial/Reference book is high.
Considering that, I'm requesting artists to help making the art parts of the book, so I can make release of the book when the RC1 goes public. The other members of the PWLib Unleashed team will be selected and contacted soon as well.

PWLib 1.2 RC1 Information

I'm planning to release a Release Candidate (RC) version of PWLib 1.2 for the public soon.

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