Updated Official Witches Page

Profile images were added to the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians' Official Witches page.

The images were done by AceOfSpaces.

Commenting allowed without registering

Now is is possible to post comments without the need to be registered on the site. CAPTCHA protection will be on to prevent spam bots.

In case of spam events, comment posting will be limited. If even so it still continue, commenting will be reverted back to registered user only.

New Strike Witches: Sky Guardians Logo

The Strike Witches: Sky Guardians logo was updated.

The current logo was made by Helma01.

Strengthened Captcha

The following changes on captcha were made to fully remove the automated spam issues:

  1. User Register now uses reCaptcha
  2. Strengthened quality of normal captcha
  3. Login and posting comments now use captcha

New Spriter

The Strike Witches: Sky Guardians project just got a new spriter: Helma01.

Opened AIGE Changelog Page

The AIGE changelog page is now avaialble at

Older changelogs are not available because they were kept on a forum during earlier PWLib development, and the forum went down.

Added 3 New Images Added

Three new images were added to the In Development gallery, showing recent progress on the engine.

User Registration Updated - Added Captcha to prevent spam bots

Due to a recent wave of spam bots registering multiple users, the user registration was updated. Now it includes captcha to prevent such issue.
As well, the wiki is now only editable by Registered Users.

Strike Witches: Sky Guardians - Updated Weapon and Striker Units pages

Missing equipment and weapons that were listed on the Official Witches page were added to the Weapons and Striker Units page.

Also, naming fix was applied to better identify some of the weapons and Striker Units.

Strike Witches: Sky Guardians - Added Team - And Help Request

Added the current teamn list to the main game's page.

Also, help is wanted for the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians project, so if you're interested, just contact me (Contact Info avaiable at the About Us page). Any help is appreciated.

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