New Main Menu Prototype

A new main menu prototype was added to the Strike Witches: Sky Guardans' Prototypes Gallery.


Mirrors Needed

We need mirrors for the PWLib's GFX 2.0 Package.
Leave a comment on this story/send a message on the forums if you can provide a mirror for it.

The Witches Page Updated


  1. Added 503rd and 505th logos (low quality images)
  2. Updated some profile images (from templates to actual images)

New SW: SG In Dev Image added

A new image was added in the In Development gallery.

It demonstrates a bit of the SEU Engine's AIM Plan. The "Spread" Beams using a simple rotate and Mio's MG42 using a simple pendulum effect.

More SW:SG Data Added


  1. Finished the The Witches Page profile adding
  2. Master Table on The Witches Page lists Others as well
  3. Added the idea of having Grazing to the game
  4. Added more achievement ideas
  5. Named some of the unnamed achievements
  6. Updated Difficulty/Modes page
  7. Updated Gameplay page

More SW: SG Page Updates


  1. Reorganized the planned elements listing
  2. Renamed some of the planned elements
  3. Added better unknown logos for organizations on The Witches page
  4. Added master table at the beginning of the page. This master table will list all major witch organizations and the witches within them. May be used later to show the fiished witches on the game.
  5. New witches added to The Witches.
  6. Added unknown witch profile images for most witches with no profile, following the color code.

Should Touhou Project characters be available as extra characters in SW: SG?

Considering the recent updates and additions to the Extra Characters page, one consideration came to mind: should Touhou characters be available as well (upon release or later on)? As Touhou is famous for its danmaku formula, and that SW:SG aims to be a danmaku, it seems logical to consider such option.


Teams Page Updated

The page now reflects the current situation of the teams. There is the possibility to rebuild the PWLib Teams to resume its development.

Extra Character Page Updated


  • Added profile images to all characters
  • Added 2 new characters to Yumekui Merry's set (Three Act Play and Mystletainn)
  • Added more achievement ideas
  • Added more skill ideas
  • Added idea for 2 special missions (Mystletainn's Nightmare for 'Yumekui Merry' set and Walpurgis' Night for 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' set)

More Updates on the Witches Page


  • More portraits added
  • Main affiliation logo added (mainly Joint Figther Wing ones)
  • Placeholders added for affilitations with no logo (such as 503th/505th JFW)
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