New Achievements Page Under Development

A new, more organized and redesigned Achievements page for the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians game is under development.


  1. Removed (temporarely) captcha for user logins.
  2. Added AIGEdit reference to the Other Projects page (need to add a proper page for it).
  3. Misc updates on the site (mostly missing information).


Some news:

  1. Added all witches to the database that the new "The Witches" page is using. Only their profile data is missing. Also some changes may apply. I may open the page for public testing soon.
  2. There are plans to add an AHLSL tutorial/examples page to help AIGE/PWLib users. An idea for a full AHLSL reference is also under consideration.
  3. A formal AIGEdit (by drthingums) may be added.

New "The Witches" Page in development

A new "The Witches" page for the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians is under development to allow easier updates and new features.

New Information Added to The Witches Page

New information was added to some of the witches, including:

  1. Rank
  2. Superior Armed Force
  3. Updated Weapons/Striker Units
  4. One New Witch

More updates may follow including new witches.


Updated AIGE Changelog

Added old entries of AIGE's changelog dating up to 7th October 2008.

Update SW:SG Achievements Page


  1. Added icons (placeholders for those without icons)
  2. Added a number of new achievement ideas.

PWLib 1.1 GFX Pack 2.0 Mirror Added

 A mirror for the PWLib 1.1 GFX Package 2.0 was added.

The Witches Page Updated: Isle of Wight Detachment Group


  1. Added official Isle of Wight Detachment Group Logo.
  2. Moved Amelie Planchard to her correct group (Isle of Wight Detachment Group).
  3. Added Wilma Bishop profile and inserted her in her corresponding group (Isle of Wight Detachment Group).
  4. Updated Isle of Wight Detachment Group witch list.

Updates To The Witches Page


  1. Added Magic Shield to all witches (as it is a basic skill)
  2. Added description for the Leadership skill (that will be available for leaders)
  3. Updated a certain witch profle image
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