What is PWLib?

PWLib is a library developed for AIGE to allow developers to create Gyakuten-style (Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice) games. As it is based on pure AHLSL (the language AIGE provides) it is possible to do way more than the basic features of the original games, without be limited to "only to cross examinations during court", for example.

PWLib is fully focused on programming, allowing limitless power when creating a game. Also it provides professional looking quality, closer to the original games.

PWLib 1.2 is currently under development.

PWLib currently is maintained by the PWLib Core Team.





PWLib 1.2 Mio Series Beta Test

Now closed. The Beta is officially started since 11/05/2010.


PWLib Gallery

A gallery of screenshots from all versions of PWLib: here.


PWLib Tutorials

A list of tutorials is available: here.


Download PWLib

Starting with PWLib 1.0b, PWLib is separated into 2 packages: the Core Package and the GFX Package.

Latest PWLib Version: 1.1 Hayase Series

Latest Version (1.1)

Older Versions

Fonts  (1.1 and older)

Required Software

Extra (1.1 and older)

  • Audiere Fix (Fixes the memory leak on Audiere 1.9.4 that ships with PWLib 1.1 Core Package)

 Video Card Drivers


Feature Request

Request features for PWLib here.


Books About PWLib

This is the list of books about PWLib:

  • PWLib In A Nutshell by KSA Technology (For PWLib 1.0x/1.1)
  • PWLib Unleashed by KSA Technology (For PWLib 1.2)


Child Projects

A list of other projects related to PWLib: here.


Supported Resources

List of supported file formats on PWLib (From Anime Image Game Engine):

  • Graphics: JPG, DDS, DIB, HDR, PFM, PNG, BMP (via loadtexture and loadimage), PPM, PGM (via loadimage), PBM (via loadimage), TGA, KTI (KSA Technology's Image Format, via loadimage)
  • Audio: Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, uncompressed WAV, AIFF, MOD, S3M, XM, and IT (MID on PWLib 1.2)
  • 3D Models: KT3D (KSA Technology's 3D Model) (X on PWLib 1.2)
  • Video: AVI, MPEG, MKV, OGV, FLV, WMV, MP4 (Video is supported on PWLib 1.2)



A list of important dates for PWLib: here.


Contributor List

A list of people who contributed over the years on PWLib: here.


Features from the Gyakuten Series (Basic Core)

This is the list of features supported by PWLib:

  • DS Screen Style (Dual Screens)
  • All Backgrounds from Gyakuten Saiban 1 to 4
  • All Evidences and Profiles from Gyakuten Saiban 1 to 4
  • Court Room Overview
  • Custom Title Screen
  • Court Sessions (Attorney/Witness/Prosecutor/Judge benches, Movimentation Between benches)
  • Present Evidence/Profiles (with support to limit to only one or the other)
  • Guilty/NotGuilty Animations
  • The end Screen (simple command) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Judge Gavel Animations
  • Attorney VS Prosecutor Effect for Cross Examinations
  • Add Evidence Effect (Similar to PW 1-1 when the Judge adds the Passport to the Court Records)
  • Full Court Records (Evidence with Checking, Profiles)
  • Testimonies/Cross Examinations
  • Advanced Cross Examinations (Ammend testimony)
  • Investigation (Present, Move, Talk, Examine)
  • Move supports an image of the location (PWLib 1.2)
  • Talk Marks (Tick, Lock) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Examination (Default location or custom photo)
  • Multiscene investigation (two investigation areas in one)
  • Multipage evidence
  • Case Selection Screen (with Smart Protection)
  • Mid-text coloring for messages
  • Animated Lifebar on damage/recharge
  • Typewriter Effect
  • Male/Female Ticking sound (for messages)
  • Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice Graphic Sets (changeable mid-game) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Customizable Balooms (allows adding custom "Objection!" like balooms)
  • Customizable Characters (allows adding totally new characters to any game)
  • Customizable Backgrounds (allows adding your own bgs to the game)
  • Customizable Nameboxes
  • Allows cretion of custom lower screens (via Extension System) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Text-based nameboxes
  • Question Support (with up to 4 options)
  • Full set of SFX from the GS series
  • Multiple characters (3 max by default) on one screen at the same time (PWLib 1.2)
  • Music Package (optional) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Save/Load (with Quick Save and Load) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Court Objection (Objection with the attorney/prosecutor face on the lower screen) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Create Introductions for the cases
  • Create Crime Scene Interrpetations (the V,K,W circles moving around)
  • Flying Evidence/Profile Box (eg. When Payne on PW 1-1 shows the Passport for the first time)
  • Ability to switch from Phoenix to Mia to Apollo Button/BG GFX (PWLib 1.2)
  • Alternative Lifebar from Phoenix Wright 1 (The ! Lifebar)  (PWLib 1.2)


Features from the Engine

Extra features:

  • Extension System (PWLib 1.2)
  • Smart Updater (PWLib 1.2)
  • PWLib Menu (includes Audio Menu, with Volume Controls) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Automatic Lipsyncing
  • Automatic Object Sizing according to the assigned image (simpler development)
  • Custom fonts
  • Build-in Console
  • AHLTL Support (AIGE's Texture Shader)
  • No feature limitations (eg. Testimonies aren't limited only to court sessions)
  • Programming environment with support for bools (flags), integers and floats (numbers) and strings (texts)
  • Open game folder organization allows the developer to create his own suiting his/her needs
  • Ability to quickly change text speed
  • AIGE's SAS allows to make animations as needed
  • Message Base System (allowing to make Multi-Language games quickly and easily)
  • Video Playback Integrated on Core (PWLib 1.2)
  • Playlist support (together with the loop-ready music package) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Shinku Language (set of commands simplifying PWLib development) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Knowledge of already-read texts (making a second read faster) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Automatic Line Breaking (Can be enabled/disabled) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Allows running on 1x, 1.5x or 2x (PWLib 1.2)
  • Smart Language System for voices (Take That! / Objection! / Hold it!) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Text Centering, Left Align, Right Align or Justiy (PWLib 1.2)
  • Unicode Support (PWLib 1.2)
  • Professional Loader for PWLib (PWLib 1.2)
  • Smart Texture Management / Garbage Collection (minimizes memory usage/simplifies development) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Logo Creation (allows adding logos similar to Capcom's) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Pixel and Vertex Shader Support (PWLib 1.2)
  • FX Effect File Support (PWLib 1.2)
  • Simple 2D Particle System (named Ryoko)
  • Effects: flash, fade, blink, wipe, slide (slidetowards, zoom, rotate on PWLib 1.2)
  • Allows creation of function to simplify and hasten development
  • Animations with authority to play sfx between frames (eg. Any Attorney/Prosecutor Desk Slam)
  • Animation Builder System (simpler Animation Creation) (PWLib 1.2)
  • Audio Fading (PWLib 1.2)


Character List

This is the list of characters that ship with PWLib and its Extensions: here.  If a character is not on the list, you can request it or animate it.


The Extensions

Extensions are new features to extend the Core PWLib Features. The features from any Extension can be used as necessary (for example, it is possible to use Logic in a non-GK game).

The Extensions that are available (and will be provided with PWLib 1.2):

  • Magatama Extension
  • Minuki Extension
  • Mikumo Extension
  • BigCheck Extension
  • Ema Extension
  • Extra Characters Extension


The Magatama Extension

Provides features related to the Fey Family's Magatama.


  • Psyche Locks (allowing custom chain sets and custom locks)
  • Psyche Lock BG Inversion
  • Magatama Related Animations (Unlock Successful)
  • Alternative Magatama Button (GS4)


The Minuki Extension

Provides features related to Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney).


  • 3D Examination (including Expressions)
  • Perceive System (uses support button)
  • Video Evidence
  • 3D Evidence (part of 3D Examination)


The Mikumo Extension

Provides features related to Gyakuten Kenji (Ace Attorney Investigations)


  • All Background from Gyakuten Kenji
  • All Evidences and Profiles from Gyakuten Kenji
  • Logic (Add, Combine, Remove)
  • Scene Walking (mini sprite scene investigation)
  • Up/Down Examination
  • Extended Examination (Examination with Present)


The BigCheck Extension

Provides PWLib unique Evidence Check feature.


  • BigCheck Evidence Check


The Ema Extension

Provides features related to forensics.


  • Luminol Spraying
  • Fringerprint Dusting


The Extra Characters Extension

Provides extra characters and poses.