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Development on the SEU System and Strike Witches: Sky Guardians have been resumed.

News on the Strike Witches STG

Various new stuff were added to the in development version of the game: 

  1. First version of the Witch Selector
  2. First version of the Mission Result
  3. Some guns added (MG42, Fleigerhammer, Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Mk.1)
  4. Main Menu

Screenshots will be available in the near future.

About the Strike Witches STG

With recent progresses on the game and the engine, the Previews Gallery was added to accomodate screenshots from the game`s current revision. 

Strike Witches: Sky Guardians Page Updates

Some updates have been applied to the SW:SG page. Also a massive rework in underway to better organize the page data (witch info, weaponry/striker unit data, etc), so the pages will be interconected (it will be easier to find specific information such as the info for a specific gun that a given witch is using without needing to change pages and search for it on the weapons page) and the information will be more consistent.

  • The beta achievement page was promoted to the active page.
  • Added linking to witches on affinity (beta witch page)

Added categories to the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians Achievements

An initial version of the categories were added to the beta achievements page for the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians page. The final idea is to have such categories ingame as well.

Updated Strike Witches: Sky Guardians Page

Link to the game-only news added, as well to the new under development new pages (The Witches and Achievements).

New Achievements Page Under Development

A new, more organized and redesigned Achievements page for the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians game is under development.


Some news:

  1. Added all witches to the database that the new "The Witches" page is using. Only their profile data is missing. Also some changes may apply. I may open the page for public testing soon.
  2. There are plans to add an AHLSL tutorial/examples page to help AIGE/PWLib users. An idea for a full AHLSL reference is also under consideration.
  3. A formal AIGEdit (by drthingums) may be added.

New "The Witches" Page in development

A new "The Witches" page for the Strike Witches: Sky Guardians is under development to allow easier updates and new features.

New Information Added to The Witches Page

New information was added to some of the witches, including:

  1. Rank
  2. Superior Armed Force
  3. Updated Weapons/Striker Units
  4. One New Witch

More updates may follow including new witches.


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