Anime Image Game Engine

About The Engine

Anime Image Game Engine (AIGE for short) is a game development engine made by KSA Technology. Originally it was designed to be a Visual Novel Engine, but over time evolved allowing more features than a standard visual novel engine. It is powered by  AHLSL (AIGE High Level Scripting Language), also developed by KSA Technology.

Currently, an example of the possibilities of AHLSL and AIGE is the PWLib, a library fully written in AHLSL that allows developers to create Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice games with AIGE.


Latest Version

The current released version of AIGE is 0.9.700a, and the in development version is 0.9.800a.

changelog is available with latest changes to the in development version.


Feature Overview (as of latest AIGE 0.9.800a compilation)

  • Powerful scripting language (AHLSL) with support for exceptions
  • A STG system (SEU System - Shoot em Up System) (In Development)
  • Ability to play videos
  • Automatic Texture Management
  • Simple Object Creation and Management
  • Backwards compatibility with older AHLSL versions
  • Basic Support for Pixel and Vertex Shaders
  • Wide range of image formats for Textures
  • Basic Objects for Visual Novel Creation (character, background and messagebox)
  • Simple Animation System (codenamed SAS)
  • AHLTL - Single Pass Software Pixel "Shader" to edit textures directly


The Sub-Engines

  • SEU (STG Engine)


The AHL Language Family



Default AIGE Libraries

  • Benchmark
  • Classic Logos (videos of famous video card and processor brands) - uses Video Player Wrapper.
  • Decompression Support
  • Download Support
  • GUI
  • Introduction Video Player
  • KTI to PNG Converter
  • Menu
  • Logo
  • Supplementary
  • Updater
  • Video Player Wrapper